February Blog

Hello everyone,

I hope everyone is doing well! I can’t believe this is my last semester as an undergraduate student! This is so surreal to me and hasn’t even hit me yet. Honestly, the first couple weeks of this semester was a little overwhelming because my course schedule wasn’t finalized yet because of financial holds and because I didn’t do an internship yet so I had to find one and register it before the deadline. My internship was a priority though because those are more difficult to come by and especially because I waited until the Spring semester had started, a lot of the internships had already found their interns. However, since I was in this online facebook community where I was able to network with different folks from different backgrounds, someone kindly reached out and offered me an internship. With two days left to register for my internship, the Director of the Health and Wellness Program at Hmong American Partnership confirmed it. I’m so thankful for everything that has happened and am feeling so blessed that everything has fallen in place in time for me to graduate. I’m so excited to start this internship and start implementing the theories and concepts I’ve acquired from my Public Health courses to this internship and additionally gain new skills to further advance my Public Health skill set. 

That’s all for now. I’ll keep you all posted on how my internship turns out! 

PaDee Vue 

November 2019

Hey Everyone,

This month has been amazing! As I mentioned before, I am the President of the Hmong Student Association(HSA) organization at Hamline University. At Hamline, we have the month of November which we call Hmong month dedicated to a series of events my student organization hosts on campus. This month we had a talent show, a panel, a game symbolic of today’s society, and our biggest event of the year Hmong New Year with our theme woven throughout each event.

Our first event of the month was our Talent Show. We invited artists and local folks in our community to showcase their talent and then had time at the end for open mic. It was a fun filled evening and it was great seeing everyone’s talent. 

Our second event was a panel with a focus on community. We invited four Hmong community members to give us insight on their thoughts and perspectives on community. It’s not everyday I get to be in a space full of inspiring individuals. I appreciated their vulnerability and wisdom they shared with us this evening. 

Our third event was a game called Wuang’s Game created by a Hamline alum. Everything down to the details of this game represents what is happening now in society, so it was a fun way to demonstrate it for folks that participated in  the activity. 

Our last event was our Hmong New Year where we invited local artists within the Hmong community to perform. It was a great evening filled with laughter and joy. 

It was extremely rewarding but also difficult for me to manage my time. I have to admit, it’s always been a challenge for me to manage my time correctly and as I get closer to walking to the stage with my fellow class of 2020 I still wonder what it would have been like if I had mastered the skill of time management prior to college. 

Anyways, that was pretty much it for the month of November so until next month! 

PaDee Vue 

October 2019

Hello everyone! 

This month has been a little overwhelming. I am currently working one job while going to school full time. Normally, I’ve been able to do that in the past however this time around it’s been a challenge for me to finish classes and then go straight to work. Before college started, I “strategically” planned my courses and my work schedule in a way in which I thought would be beneficial to me. I thought wrong. Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays I have classes from 8-2:50pm and straight after classes I have work 3-6pm. It was fine the first couple of weeks, but after awhile I notice it starts to take a toll on my physical and mental health. I wouldn’t be able to fit in breakfast nor lunch, didn’t have time to take a breather to retain information to class sessions, and by the time I got to work my energy had already been drained. Since I worked with youth it was very important to me that I had all the energy I could harness when working with them, but because of the way I set up my schedule I could barely gather any energy to interact with them. So after a couple weeks of my “normal” schedule, I finally realized that I had to tell my boss that I couldn’t commit to working the normal hours if I really wanted to invest time into my academics. So that’s what I did, I talked to my supervisor about my situation and figured out a feasible plan for myself. It was a little upsetting that I had to cut back hours considering I need a source of income and most importantly because I loved working with my youth so much, but I guess this is what folks mean when they say sometimes you have to say no even when you want to say yes. 

I’ll keep y’all posted on how this works out!

PaDee Vue

September 2019

Hello folks, 

This is my last year, and I will be graduating this Spring 2020 being that I pass all my courses. We’re one month in, and I’m enjoying my classes so far. In addition to my courses this year, I am also the President of Hmong Student Association(HSA) and in the Spirituality Scholars program at Hamline University. For HSA, we had our first event, our kick-off, and I think it went really well! There were a good amount of folks, but we did run out of food quicker than I thought.. Of course there is always room for more improvement, but for the most part I think as a first event it was a great starter. Our next events will be in November, so I’m excited to implement what I’ve learned from our first event to these next upcoming events. In addition to HSA, I’m in the Spirituality Scholars program, which is essentially about exploring one’s spirituality. This year’s theme for the program is actually about utilizing one’s spirituality as a tool to address climate change, so I’m looking forward to growing with the folks in the program and hearing everyone’s ideas in addressing climate change. As of right now, I’m just been easing myself into my schedule. 

Will update you all more soon. 

Thanks for reading!

PaDee Vue 

April 2019

Hello all,

April has been one heck of a month. This month, I went to San Jose for the Hmong National Development Conference, which is a conference that happens every other year. I got the opportunity to attend the conference with a friend here from Hamline and will be forever grateful for the experience. It was such a precious time to be in such a space that was full of Hmong folks from all over the United States and I valued so much, all the knowledge, that radiated throughout the whole room. I cannot begin to express how thankful I am for all the facilitators of the various workshops for continuing to educate me on different aspects of my Hmong-American identity. In addition to that, I’ve just been preparing myself for finals and everything. This semester has really flown by and I really can’t believe that next year I will officially be a senior! I really can’t wrap my head around this. I had my advising meeting with my adviser and I was telling her that in all honesty, I didn’t think that I was going to make it this far in my academic career. It’s so surreal to me. Everything I’ve done and has been involved in has been mainly for my family, specifically for my parents, so I can’t wait ‘til next year when I walk across the stage with my degree in my hands. That’s pretty much it.

Thanks for reading! Until next time,

PaDee Vue