April 2019

Hello all,

April has been one heck of a month. This month, I went to San Jose for the Hmong National Development Conference, which is a conference that happens every other year. I got the opportunity to attend the conference with a friend here from Hamline and will be forever grateful for the experience. It was such a precious time to be in such a space that was full of Hmong folks from all over the United States and I valued so much, all the knowledge, that radiated throughout the whole room. I cannot begin to express how thankful I am for all the facilitators of the various workshops for continuing to educate me on different aspects of my Hmong-American identity. In addition to that, I’ve just been preparing myself for finals and everything. This semester has really flown by and I really can’t believe that next year I will officially be a senior! I really can’t wrap my head around this. I had my advising meeting with my adviser and I was telling her that in all honesty, I didn’t think that I was going to make it this far in my academic career. It’s so surreal to me. Everything I’ve done and has been involved in has been mainly for my family, specifically for my parents, so I can’t wait ‘til next year when I walk across the stage with my degree in my hands. That’s pretty much it.

Thanks for reading! Until next time,

PaDee Vue


March 2019

Hello everyone!

March has left and April has finally arrived! I’ve had such a great March. This March my student organization and I went to Boulder, Colorado for an Asian American conference called the Midwest Asian American Student Union(MAASU) conference. There were Asian American and other folks that attended the conference, where they had guest speakers and so many amazing workshops. It was great networking with folks, specifically Asian American folks, outside of Minnesota. It was my first time attending the conference, so it was just amazing having a space that I shared similar challenges and narratives with. In addition, I went to Washington DC for a service trip with the central focus being Hunger and Homelessness. We volunteered everyday and then would come back to reflect and share our perspectives and whatnot with each other. There, I finally realized that Washington DC wasn’t apart of any state, rather a territory between two states. Lastly, I decided that because next year was my last year, I do things that I may regret post-graduation, therefore, I decided to run for my Hamline Hmong Student Association(HSA) as President for 2019-2020. I received the email recently that I got the position and I’m ecstatic to see where my board and I will be going with HSA. That’s pretty much it for now. Next week, I will be going on another conference call the Hmong National Development(HND) conference in California. This will be my first time attending this conference, I will keep you all updated on how it goes! I’m super pumped!


Thanks for reading and until next time!

PaDee Vue

February 2019


This month has been sort of quiet. There wasn’t much that happened. However, I am really enjoying my classes, and they have really been making me thinking about aspects of my life that I do not normally think of. In my Global Health course right now, a requirement for the Public Health major, we’re learning about migrant workers. It’s interesting, learning about the experiences that they’ve gone through and the the roles that play throughout all institutions that uphold the power dynamics. It really gets me thinking about the consumption of berries. In addition to this course, I am taking Death and Dying which has a religion approach to it. This course has been really eye opening to me and has helped me come to term with my own fear of death. I haven’t really been afraid of death until this class, and I guess my fear of dying derives from the idea that after death there is nothing. My family and I practice Animism/Shamanism, and in our religion we believe that after death our soul will go on this journey to reconnect with our ancestors. So taking this into consideration, reading literature that tells me that there is nothing after death is a pretty big concept for me to comprehend.

Anyways that’s pretty much all that has happened in February for me. This month, March, I will be attending a conference in Colorado and a service trip in Washington, so I am super excited!

Until next time,

PaDee Vue

January Term 2019

Hello everyone!

My break was phenomenal! Our J-Term is a time frame where students can choose to do what they want: work, take a month long course, study abroad/away, or just simply take a break. Over my J-term, I went abroad to Laos with a small team. As you all may or may not know, I went there during my last Spring break, so I only had a week in Laos. This time around, I had three weeks in Laos so I felt like I had more time to do other things that weren’t on the academic agenda, like explore the night market, go bowling, ride a Tuk tuk. Including myself, there were four students on the trip and I got along with them amazingly. My adjustment to the country went well, I had no stomach issues or anything of that sort.

Coming back, the question that frequently came up was, “What was your favorite thing?”. That question was so difficult for me to answer because my entire trip was just overall amazing. However, reflecting back, one of the most memorable part of my trip was attending a church service in Laos. I practice Animism, so I have never been to a church service before. Prior to the church service, I didn’t have any initial thoughts because we were informed that the church service was going to be entirely spoken in Lao, which makes sense because we’re in Laos. However, the moment I stepped foot into that church, I felt an instant goose-bump and connection to the folks in that space. We arrived towards the end in which they were singing and then ending off with a prayer. Despite the language barrier, I could feel their passion radiating through the way they spoke. At the end of the church service, there was a big lunch served on the floor where we all sat together. I loved it so much, the conversations we had and of course the food that was provided.

I would encourage everyone to study abroad! It is such an amazing way to be immersed into a culture and a completely different experience if you were to go on your own.


Until next time,

PaDee Vue

December 2018

Greetings and happy new year!


A week from now, I will be boarding a plane to study abroad. The flight and housing will be covered and I will be held responsible for some of my meals. I am extremely ecstatic and so blessed to have been given this opportunity. We will be studying religion, specifically Buddhism, Christianity, and Animism. My religion isn’t something that I’ve explored much because I feel like it’s was partly due to the fact that there’s a language barrier between my parents and I, and since language plays a crucial role in maintaining a culture it’s been difficult to understand the significance of Animism and its role in my life. However I am beyond excited to continue my journey of explore my religious identity.

I recently started a new job at ACR Homes where I am currently working with disabled adults. The training for this job was extremely overwhelming, for good reason, but I was so glad once it was over, because I was truly excited to work with my residents. My experience has been great so far and has definitely changed the way I view folks with disabilities.

As of now, I am packing for my trip to Laos and already mentally preparing myself for this upcoming Spring semester. I have been thinking a lot about goals that I want to achieve/improve on and one of them is to become more present in everything I do. During finals week, I was babysitting my younger brother and all I could think about was what the outcome of my test was going to be and I didn’t even take it yet. I studied last minute and resulted in me panicking and already worrying about how I was going to do on my exam. That thought somehow led me to think that had I really took the time to study weeks before I wouldn’t had been stressing about what the outcome of my exam was because I would have been more confident in my exam performance and in addition paid more attention to my younger brother in the moment. I guess we live in a culture where we like to be constantly busy that we don’t really pay attention to the little things, and that’s one of my goals for 2019 is to be present in everything I do.


Thanks for reading! Until next time.